What Manufacturers are Missing by Avoiding Social Media

DISCLAIMER: The following is a direct appeal to folks in industry that have not yet embraced social media. It outlines key longer-term benefits that industrial companies are experiencing from social. DRIPPING WITH SARCASM, it is a bit intense and eye-opening…

1) Improved Exposure

Is this the worst thing that can happen? Companies that never heard of you learning about your business and what it can do for them, which could lead to interest in your products and services? Just imagine – you might need to have more discussions about your capabilities, and eventually provide quotes, then deal with new business.

2) Connecting With Younger Generations

Kids. Who has the patience to deal with them anyway? Some of them can barely even read a blueprint! And they rely so much on all this social stuff – running around attached to their cell phones and tablet computers. Babysitting them doesn’t sound like much fun.

(But keep in mind, social is the ideal channel to reach them, which is becoming critical as Baby Boomers retire en masse.)

3) Thought Leadership

Now you have to generate meaningful messages on a regular basis to entertain them and keep them interested. What is meaningful content anyhow? Better yet, what is a thought leader? The next thing you know, these followers might actually want to do business with you.

Instead of making some time, or contracting someone to help you, would you rather they just went away? Even though they can benefit greatly from your experience and the knowledge you have to share?

4) Lead Generation

NO!!! Who wants to deal with this? Getting RFQs then generating quotes for new business? While you are still taking care of that OLD business? You don’t need new business. Right? Old business is GOOD BUSINESS – it pays the old bills! 😉

In case you do want more RFQs, consider that study after study show that sites such as LinkedIn are generating meaningful leads that turn into real business.

5) Growth

Just when you though it couldn’t get any worse! Your business might GROW! Businesses aren’t supposed to grow anymore, so why should yours? Besides, how will you get that additional work done… all that paperwork, quoting, production, then actually BILLING for it?

So – if you are not interested in getting your name out there and reaching new audiences, especially younger ones, then dealing with eventual new business and growth; then social media might not be right for you. If you DO want these benefits, (come on, you know you do!), then it’s time to jump off the fence and get your social strategy in gear.

Image: Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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